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Application area
The company's unique touch technology and structure make it suitable for intelligent, miniaturized switch design, precision instruments, etc. It is widely used in electric power industry, medical equipment, aerospace, new energy vehicles, petroleum machinery, industrial connectors, etc.
  • Power
    Transmission and distribution connection solutions need to meet stringent requirements: in large power systems, electrical connections should ensure reliable transmission for decades...
  • Aerospace
    We provide dedicated solutions for aviation science and technology applications, as well as high-quality and highly reliable solutions...
  • Petroleum machinery
    Petroleum machinery
    Applied to electric appliances, furniture appliances, industrial appliances and other electrical appliances...
  • Medical equipment
    Medical equipment
    We provide CombiTac modular connectors, as well as potential equalization contact components and products for medical and healthcare applications...
  • New energy vehicle
    New energy vehicle
    A partner for your innovative connectivity and charging solutions...
  • Industrial automation
    Industrial automation
    Electrical connector with high reliability, long service life and modular concept...
  • Over the years, the company has been committed to the research, development and production of touch fingers, and now has formed four series of products with spring touch fingers, watch band touch fingers, petal touch fingers, and Z-shaped touch fingers as the core. With large production scale, many varieties and excellent quality, it has won the trust and long-term cooperation of Henan Pinggao, Xi'an Xikai, Xuji, ABB, Siemens, New Northeast Electric and other users. In the field of sales, consulting and service, we have formed strategic partners with many electric power industry enterprises and scientific research institutes, and jointly developed new products and projects for power transmission and transformation and its supporting equipment, forming a more comprehensive technical comprehensive service system.


    Establishment of corporate culture newspapers


    Our company's corporate newspapers and periodicals take the scientific concept of development as the leading direction,manage the corporate culture,promote the corporate culture with development as the core,and thus improve the economic benefits of the enterprise

    Ten years after the earthquake,the investment exceeded 60 billion yuan,and the power consumption in Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas doubled


    In the past 10 years,a total of 60.6 billion yuan has been invested in the construction of power grids in the Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas.The number of substations has increased from 385 to 728,1.89 times that before the earthquake;The maximum power load in the disaster area increased from 4.39 million kilowatts to 9.35 million kilowatts,2.13 times that before the earthquake;The annual power consumption in the disaster area increased from 26 billion kWh to 54.9 billion kWh,2.11 times that before the earthquake

    Made in ChinaUHV equipment shines in Brazil


    The West Power West Transformer Substation further strengthened the material supply work,improved the supplier management procedures and supplier supervision management system,strengthened the review and supervision of suppliers,and ensured the overall high-quality and on-time performance of Brazil Meilishan Phase II products by improving the supply quality of suppliers and performing on schedule